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Foodie Fest 2018

Foodie Fest is the annual gathering for all local holistic businesses, organic & no-spray produce, and non-toxic products.

September 15th is when it’s happening behind Cabin Fever Coffee. It’s free to attend. Learning sessions, food items, and vendor products all cost.

The schedule will be as follows:
9am-1pm - Vendor market & Learning Sessions
5pm-9pm - Food, 4kd crick beer, & vendors with live music in the amphitheater

Local food lovers & natural producers...unite!

If you are a business wanting to be a food vendor or sell products, see the vendor info at the bottom.

If you missed out on last year's here is the post with photos & details


Learning Sessions


9:00am Dr. Watts - Autoimmune Disease... Time to Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat

10:00am Chef Jodi - Fall Menu Planning - Eating with the Harvest

11:00am Dr. Watts - What's Your Poo Telling You? (Microbiome)

12:00pm Aromatherapist Danielle - CBD Oil 101

1:00pm Beekeeper Brad- Natural and Organic Beekeeping 101

All classes are $5 a the door unless otherwise noted




dr watts.jpg

Autoimmune Disease... Time to Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat  - Dr. Watts, Naturopathic Doctor

Diagnosed with an autoimmune what?  How to put yourself in the driver's seat and gain control over your health.

Often times, patients diagnosed with an autoimmune disease are left feeling confused, unsure of options available to them that would support their health.  Regardless of stance on prescription medications, these conditions are the perfect opportunity for engaged patients to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle changes to support the immune system and reduce symptoms. But where do you start?  What factors can contribute to autoimmunity?  What basics can be done to put you in the driver's seat towards better health?  We will cover this, and more!


What's your poo telling you?  (Microbiome) -

Dr. Watts, Naturopathic Doctor

What's your poo telling you?  Discussing the relevance of the microbiome and how it pertains to your health.

-Did you know that 3-5lbs of your weight is made of bacteria that resides in the large intestine?  And approximately 30% of every bowel movement is made of bacteria!  How does this diversity in the gut affect your health...for the better...or in the case of chronic disease?  We will discuss this in depth along with ways to support the microbiome via nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplementation.


About Dr. Watts: 

Dr. White was introduced to holistic medicine at an early age after witnessing her Mother recover from Rheumatoid Arthritis under the care of a holistic D.O.  She always wanted to be a physician but it was this D.O.'s approach that made her think outside the box; that there could be many ways to help patients achieve health and it didn't always have to come in the form of a pill.  Having grown up in Ohio, she attended the University of Toledo for college, and then went on to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.  After completing her internship she moved back to Toledo and has been in practice since 2011.  Since then she has worked with hundreds of patients ranging in ages and health conditions; over time digestive health has become one of her specialities.  She has started to recognize that regardless of a patient's diagnosis, health can and should start in the kitchen.




Fall Menu Planning - Eating with the Harvest - Chef Jodi

Chef Jodi will help you use seasonally available items to create a fresh, fall menu. You'll walk away with two weeks worth of a menu to take home and get busy in your kitchen with.  Jodi will whip up a squash salad for you to sample.


About Chef Jodi:

Jodi Trierweiler graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school in 2007, following an externship at Walt Disney World. For the first few years of her cooking life, she cooked at several restaurants in Atlanta where she had the pleasure of cooking for people such as Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Jermaine Jackson and more. After traveling around for a few years, she landed in Fort Wayne working for Three Rivers Food Co-op. It was at the co-op that she began to recognize her passion for health and nutrition in conjunction with cooking. While at the co-op, she started out in the kitchen where she learned a lot about cooking and baking for different types of diets such as gluten free baking, sugar free baking and vegetarian and vegan cooking. After about a year, she left the kitchen to become a wellness assistant where she has been since 2013. She assists people who have questions in regards to not only herbs and supplementation, but also about food and health. In 2016, she decided to go back to school and pursue a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics, as well as a bachelor's degree in biology.




CBD Oil 101 - - Danielle, Certified Aromatherapist

  • Laws and Current updates to rules and regulations on CBD

  • How CBD works in our body

  • What CBD can and cannot do

  • How CBD can help 

  • Finding the best CBD available

  • What shouldn't be in your bottle of CBD

  • Explaining milligrams of CBD and why that's important


About Danielle: 

Struggling to find an answer to her skin issues, Danielle looked into options that would decrease the toxins in her products and provide concentrated nourishment for her skin.  Through this process, she learned how difficult it actually was to purchase products with real ingredients from big name stores, how nonexistent regulation is on ingredients used in those products and how easy it is for companies to fool people into thinking we are purchasing "the good stuff".  This knowledge fueled the desire to spread the word, helping others easily distinguish and replace the toxic chemical filled products we have in our household. Danielle then went on to receive her Certification in Aromatherapy in 2016 and then opened the virtual doors of her business, Naturally Simplified.



Natural & Organic Beekeeping 101  - Brad Hibbard, Beekeeper

This class is for: people concerned about bees, wanting to start beekeeping, people just starting out beekeeping

You will walk away from this class knowing: 

- The difference between organic and natural beekeeping 

- The basics: bee life cycles, how to obtain bees, products from the bees 

- What you can do as a non-beekeeper to support the bees

- Pest management techniques


About Brad: 

Brad is a maumee valley representative for Ohio State beekeeping association, 4th year beekeeper, and owner of Honey Blossom Orchard in Napoleon (transitioning to certified organic)


Fav (31).jpg




This event is a chance to get together with like-minded holistic & wellness people in our neck of the woods (about 60 mile radius from Defiance), to set up your business in front of an educated audience that knows the value of real food. I offer a special feature post on each vendor leading up to the event and then I publish your offerings the week of the event, so market goers know what to expect from each vendor.

If you are interested in being a vendor the pricing is as follows:

10 x 10 space of products or produce $30 for morning session or $50 for both (setting up for evening is only for produce, jams, bread, or soaps)

Food truck/ food server $50 for morning session, $75 for evening session, or $110 for both

Just email me ( or message me on Facebook to get an application.


Later Event: January 17
Adulting 101: Healthy Living