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Foodie Fest 2017

A festival focused on whole foods & handmade wellness goods

Celebrating real food with local farmers, food vendors, handmade wellness goods, live music, and learning sessions with a Chef and Naturopathic Doctor.

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This is a chance to eat real food, buy amazing local produce, attend insightful classes, and meet the faces of the slow food movement in Northwest Ohio.Find vendors set up around Cabin Fever Coffee (outside front, side, and back alleys + arena)  and learning sessions taking place upstairs.


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event schedule

8:00am-8:30 Yoga session with Renee Zimmerman upstairs in Cabin Fever - Beginner's Yoga ($2)   ***Bring your own mat

9:00am Kickoff of Fest - Super Cool Giveaways (raffle ticket drawing style- need not be present to win) while Brooke introduces vendors & presenters (arena) / All Farmers & Goods Vendors Set Up

9-9:45am Dr. White: Gut Health 101: Learn how to know the warning signs of gut distress, ways to repair, and eating to encourage healthy gut function ($5)

10-10:45am Chef Jodi's Learning Session: What do I eat?The pros and cons of the most popular ways of eating, from vegan diets to paleo.  ($5)

11-11:45am Dr. White's Learning Session: POWERful immune system: Getting ready for cold & flu season with home remedies ($5)

Lunch vendors set up by 11:00, music starting by 11:00 (see music schedule in Facebook event)

12-12:45pm Chef Jodi's Learning Session: Eating Healthy in a Pinch:  Making good food choices when you're on a budget and short on time ($5)

1-1:45pm Certified Aromatherapist Danielle's Learning Session: Toxins 101Rid your household cleaners and bodycare products of toxic chemicals for good ($5)

4:00pm Lunch & product vendors tear down

**No registration necessary for the learning sessions. Each session you attend is $5 at the door and there is a max of 50 people per session.


Meet the Teachers

dr white small.jpg

Dr. Maleigha White

Dr. White was introduced to holistic medicine at an early age after witnessing her Mother recover from Rheumatoid Arthritis under the care of a holistic D.O.  She always wanted to be a physician but it was this D.O.'s approach that made her think outside the box; that there could be many ways to help patients achieve health and it didn't always have to come in the form of a pill.  Having grown up in Ohio, she attended the University of Toledo for college, and then went on to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.  After completing her internship she moved back to Toledo and has been in practice since 2011.  Since then she has worked with hundreds of patients ranging in ages and health conditions; over time digestive health has become one of her specialities.  She has started to recognize that regardless of a patient's diagnosis, health can and should start in the kitchen.

Catch her two classes during Foodie Fest (schedule above, details below):

Gut Health 101 Session: You've suffered from allergies, eczema, IBS, or just plain know your health is not the best. Well, there's a good chance you need to work on your gut health. Learn how to know the warning signs of gut distress, ways to repair, and eating to encourage healthy gut function.

POWERful Immune System Session: Getting ready for cold & flu season. Tricks and tips from a doctor that believes food is medicine and isn't afraid to use her arsenal of home remedies to keep you and yours ready for when the bugs strike. 

Jodi the Chef

Jodi smaller.jpg

Jodi Trierweiler graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary school in 2007, following an externship at Walt Disney World. For the first few years of her cooking life, she cooked at several restaurants in Atlanta where she had the pleasure of cooking for people such as Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani, John Edwards, Jermaine Jackson and more. After traveling around for a few years, she landed in Fort Wayne working for Three Rivers Food Co-op. It was at the co-op that she began to recognize her passion for health and nutrition in conjunction with cooking. While at the co-op, she started out in the kitchen where she learned a lot about cooking and baking for different types of diets such as gluten free baking, sugar free baking and vegetarian and vegan cooking. After about a year, she left the kitchen to become a wellness assistant where she has been since 2013. She assists people who have questions in regards to not only herbs and supplementation, but also about food and health. In 2016, she decided to go back to school and pursue a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics, as well as a bachelor's degree in biology.

Catch her two classes during Foodie Fest (schedule above, details below):

How do I eat? Session
In this session, we will be covering the pros and cons of different diets; mainly focusing on veganism, vegetarianism, paleo and the ketogenic diet. We will even be discussing some of the eating tips based out of Sally Fallon’s book, Nourishing Traditions. We will also be discussing certain foods that you should avoid or limit, as well as foods that you should be eating a lot more of. My hope is that in this session, the participants will be walking away with a better understanding of what types of food are best and worst for your body, as well as how these foods impact your overall health. 

Eating Healthy in a Pinch Session
In this session, I will be teaching people how to maximize your dollars while trying to eat healthy on a budget. We will emphasize eating in season, shopping locally (when possible), buying in bulk, the power of meal plans and eating food items that are less expensive but still high quality. In this session, each person will walk away with a sense of how to feed their family on an appropriate budget without having to skimp on the nutrition, as well as finding ways to make all of this work in an efficient timely manner.


Danielle Small, Naturally Simplified

Struggling to find an answer to her skin issues, Danielle looked into options that would decrease the toxins in her products and provide concentrated nourishment for her skin.  Through this process, she learned how difficult it actually was to purchase products with real ingredients from big name stores, how nonexistent regulation is on ingredients used in those products and how easy it is for companies to fool people into thinking we are purchasing "the good stuff".  This knowledge fueled the desire to spread the word, helping others easily distinguish and replace the toxic chemical filled products we have in our household. Danielle then went on to receive her Certification in Aromatherapy in 2016 and then opened the virtual doors of her business, Naturally Simplified. 

Catch her class during Foodie Fest (schedule above, details below):

Toxins 101 Session: Rid your household cleaners and bodycare products of toxic chemicals for good. Get an overview of label reading, FDA regulation, and how you can DIY to create a healthier environment at home. 

*free $5 item to everyone that attends



Only 12 vendors being accepted this year to participate. If you have a food or restaurant business and wish to be a part of the event, email Brooke ( The food standards are high, but Brooke will help you figure out menu items and where to source if you need help. The booth space is only $50.

The standards are as follows: Fresh, whole foods, Non-GMO.  No dyes, artificial flavors, hormones, or antibiotics. Just real food & real products. It does not have to be organic, but that is favorable and consumers will be anticipating higher prices for higher quality. And one of the biggest benefits of being a part of the event is the pre-advertising Beetroot will do to the 500+ followers in Defiance & surrounding area. Beetroot will be talking about each vendor and what their offerings are that day. This event is going to be awesome-sauce!

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