Community Events, Corporate Speaking Engagements, Health Coaching, and famous granola bars are what Beetroot is all about.

the very first event

the very first event

community events

Fall of 2014 was when this all began. During summer 2014, a handful of Brooke's friends were asking about her enticing plant-based food photos. They wanted to learn more! Brooke hosted a session and opened it up to all of her friends on Facebook.

After the Fall 2014 session, people were asking for more. Since then Brooke has hosted over a handful of public events, the largest being the Food is Medicine movie night she hosted at the Valentine theater in the Fall of 2015. See the full post.

Check the events calendar for upcoming events.

corporate Speaking

Brooke offers speaking at events for libraries, groups, colleges, and well, just about anywhere that desires to hear about eating to live.

She can engage an audience with an array of topics: her health story, why making time for cooking pays dividends, and the current food system. The presentation can be customized for the event.

Speaking starts at $150. Food samples can be added to the package. 

health coaching

                     Staci Stevens, health coach and lover of food


  Staci Stevens, health coach and lover of food

Staci functions as the health coach, providing teaching for where you're at in your health journey. She helps people with diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and really, anyone wishing to improve the way they eat.

Staci has 12 sessions she guides you through, from making smoothies to reading ingredient labels. Read more about what to expect with health coaching in the full blog post.

If you are not ready yet for the full 12 sessions, you can schedule individual goal-setting sessions that last an hour with Brooke for $50.

I like your ability to inspire, first and foremost. This leads me to what you were inspiring people to do today, which is to eat more plants. Start little, start regularly, check out a blogger who knows their stuff, and go! No more excuses. It’s your health and life, and that of your family. See how it may change YOU.

- Carrie R. attendee of three demos/presentations