Health Coaching

Beetroot now has a health coach to help people move forward with whole, healthy eating habits. In other words, I'm taking it a step further than events and blogs to help individuals get back to roots in their own way!

Many factors affect our health that we can't control, but we can certainly control what we put in our bodies. In an environment flooded with advertisements and food establishments that aren't nourishing, most of us need lots of help in order to make real change happen. You really have to swim up stream, which is why I saw the need for a personal coach. 

In an environment flooded with advertisements and food establishments that aren’t nourishing, most of us need lots of help in order to make real change happen.
— brooke

I have been contacted by numerous people in Defiance and surrounding areas for health coaching. People know they need accountability and a seasoned coach to make pivotal shifts in their lives. And I give major props to those who have reached out to me, thought about reaching out, or just know this is something that needs addressed in their life. Those are all steps in the right direction, no matter now far you've taken it!

I met Staci soon after I started back to roots this year. She's a foodie through and through and couldn't be more dedicated to the cause of helping people heal with food. Staci could have received a health coaching certificate in a 7 day program, but she's much more dedicated and passionate than that. She recently completed a 9 month training with a top nutritionist. She also has a long history around food. Her past travels have taken her to work on small organic farms, cooking natural foods for restaurants, and even opening an all-natural food store.

The Coaching in a nutshell

  • 12 Sessions (min)
  • Learn shopping to smoothie recipes to supplements and everything in between 
  • Tailored to where you're at and at your pace
  • Complete as soon as 12 weeks or up to 1 year
  • Sessions via phone or Skype
  • Coaching availability on Saturdays

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Staci in a nutshell

  • Immersed in the foodie culture for 15 years 
  • 9 Month Training with Holistic Nutrition Labs/
  • Participates in multiple gardening & growing groups
  • Favorite cookbook:  Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook by: Alisa Segertsen & Tom Malterre
  • Favorite food: Arugula. She loves the spicyness of it.  It's great to toss in a salad, make pesto out of, or nibble straight from the garden. 

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hear all the details from Staci in our Q & A session


Q & A: 


Why do you coach?

I’m always looking for ways to help people get more connected with their food.
— staci

Because I love it, and because people need it! Health coaching was a natural "next step" for me.  I've always done work in the realm of health foods. Health food is truly my passion.  I'm always looking for ways to help people get more connected with their food, and coaching is a must for many people today.  Most people today don't have a good understanding of how the body works and what it needs to function.  My coaching helps people fast track into a better understanding of these two important things!   


What is your certification?  

A 9 month training with Holistic Nutrition Lab in 2015.  Holistic Nutrition Lab is an online program designed to teach health coaches and other health professionals the Functional Medicine approach to nutrition.  The Functional Medicine approach is to find the root cause of every illness.   When doing so, it considers what foods can be brought in for healing the body, as well as exercise, proper hydration, sleep, and vitamin and minerals.  Functional Medicine also considers what toxins may be in the body contributing to illness.  Functional Medicine, is a "full body systems approach", looking at the entire bodies systems and how they function together.  This is very different than the current medical model which tends to look at the different organs and systems of the body as separate, without considering how the systems all effect each other.     


It’s all about meeting people where they’re at.
— staci

What "method" do you practice?  

Health coaching defined: A health coach provides general wellness and nutrition information, options, recommendations, guidance, and motivation to establish healthier lifestyle routines.  Education and support with weight management, food cravings, sleep, energy improvement, stress management, digestive wellness, and improved diet.  Health coaches compliment the work of health care professionals. Health coaches play and important role by creating lasting positive change that is tailored to the clients lives.

People have such varied diets and health challenges, so you really need to support them where they are right now.  I do have some structure as to what I want to cover in our 12 sessions together, it really just varies from person to person what order those things are covered. My coaching has 3 components --  1) Education on how to balance your blood sugar and why it is important, how to boost your immune system, support your digestive system, and balance hormones  2) Learn practical tips: how to organize your kitchen, where to source the best ingredients, and tips for quick healthy meals and snacks 3) Work on goal setting: together we choose obtainable goals for the client to check off, week by week, these small steps will lead to big changes and long term success.

What level of commitment do you need from someone desiring coaching? 

My ideal client wants to make big changes with their diet.  Many people need a big change if they are eating the Standard American Diet.  If my client wants to make the switch from processed/fast foods to learning how to eat whole foods, it will take a commitment, as this is a lifestyle change.


Do the sessions need done in person? 

It is nice to meet face to face the first few sessions, but my coaching can be done over the phone.  Skype is possible if face-to-face isn't feasible. 


How long are the sessions and when can people schedule them? What's your availability?

The first three sessions last 1 1/2 hours. After the basics are understood, sessions drop down to an hour.  I schedule coaching sessions on Saturdays.  


If a client isn't sure if he/she wants coaching, can they have just an initial conversation with you to decide? 



What is some of the feedback you've received from clients?

I think most people are just surprised at how much they learn.  They are really learning how to take care of themselves, and bringing an awareness to themselves and what they put in their bodies.     


What sorts of problems can you help people with?

I believe all health conditions can be improved with better food choices.  From acid reflux to auto-immune conditions to diabetes. Those can all be addressed or improved with the program. Of course, someone simply wishing to learn more without having any specific health problems can also benefit from coaching. 

I think most people are just surprised at how much they learn.
— staci


What will be the "end product" if someone signs up with you for coaching? 

At the end of my coaching you will walk away with a much better understanding of what your body needs to function properly. This doesn't stop with food choices - it just starts there! 

Brooke's remark: I think you'll end up with a more guided knowledge than my last 10 years of reading and learning about whole foods and true health. This is a totally dedicated program to you, so you'll gain extremely valuable information that has the potential to totally change your life. 

So, what's the deal? Financially speaking?

If you sign up for health coaching before January 31st, 2016, you can get the 2015 pricing. $675 for 12 sessions when you pay up front.  (that's 25% off!) Pricing will increase after January 31st.  

I can't wait to see people's lives transformed with health coaching. It's okay to reach out for help. And you've got a good bunch of people to help you out! 

Do you have questions for Staci? 

Reach her at /  419-630-4602

Do you have questions for me?

Reach me at / 419-506-0349