Can ya milk an almond? Ya sure can.

I want to talk about a very serious topic that's been on my heart for some time. It's a very controversial, touchy, and touching subject. Well, not really. It's just about the debate of whether it's cheaper to make your almond milk at home or buy it made.


Let's cut to the chase about almond milk. It may not be the best use of almonds, but I enjoy it and make it weekly. I like to blend some up at the beginning of the week and use it in smoothies throughout the week. Every other person says to me, "but aren't almonds so expensive? It's cheaper to buy the milk made."  I found it's not only cheaper to make it at home, but it's fresher, contains less ingredients, and tastes better!

See my awesome math below -

Bought Milk 

Bulk 3 pack of 1/2 gallon of silk almond milk - $8.69

comes out to... $5.79 for a gallon 

Homemade Milk 

3 lb bag almonds for $15.99

which makes, at minimum, 10 gallons of almond milk (1 cup almonds per gallon)   = $1.59/gallon

Conclusion: don’t cry over spilt almond milk. It’s not as expensive as you thought.


*I am not a nutritionist or a mathematicianist... just a girl that enjoys plants