Old Time Movie Theater Night

Get ready for some history to be made in Northwest Ohio. Beetroot will host the first mock movie theater health night in Defiance this summer! 

The evening is to offer an introduction to folks about healing with whole foods. So many of you have attended a demo I've hosted and have said "I'd like to introduce my husband.. sister.. aunt... etc to the whole idea of this." and a specific demo isn't really the place for that. SO, I bring you... the old time movie theater night. 

The evening will feature a recent health documentary, my story, and a Naturopatic doctor! AND there will be real food at the concessions.

I have dreamed of the day where there would be something other than fake-butter-laden popcorn and skittles in the concessions of a movie theater.
I am going to change that... if only for a night!


Details to be announced soon. I'll post them on here and social media!

this is just another way to get back to roots.... I hope you'll join me.